Does the EEOC Need to Strike A More Conciliatory Tone???

The EmpLAWyerologist

Caroline Candidate filed a Title VII sex discrimination charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  against your company, Marvelous Manufacturing, because it didn’t hire her. You respond to the charge, confident it will be dismissed. Instead, the EEOC issues a determination of reasonable cause to believe your company discriminated against the Charging Party — “and a class of female applicants because of their sex”, based on “the evidence obtained during the course of the investigation”.  What is the evidence? Aside from the Charging Party, who else allegedly suffered discrimination by your company? How big is this class of female applicants and what geographic area is involved?  You ask the EEOC. It responds by presenting you with a conciliation (settlement) demand. You ask again  and you  get a notification that conciliation failed and a lawsuit a few days later.  Does this scenario sound far-fetched? These are essentially the allegations in Mach…

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