When a group becomes a scary Mob

A thought provoking article by Professor Spoelstra and an unfortunate reality and manifestation of destructive conflict prevalent within SA.

The subject matter is of great interest and I certainly intend to liaise with Prof Spoelstra as to the allocation of further reading material as to the issue. J Scheepers – SA.

Prof Manie Spoelstra

We all find ourselves in crowds or groups of people at times. At sport events, work or social events. That is normal, but could the same group become a mob?

Mobs get crazy. They destroy property, throw stones at police, run over others (old or small) or dance naked in the street.

Don’t think you are immune! For example:

  • Recently we were inundated with news about mobs attacking foreigners in South Africa in what they call ‘xenophobic’ violence. Horrific pictures and footage could be seen in social media, television and the press. These acts were never executed by individuals but always by smaller or bigger groups. These mobs killed several and caused immense damage to shops and properties
  • A few years ago we witnessed the same behaviour when students became a mob as they rushed to get admitted to a Johannesburg University, leaving a number of people…

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