Spin, myths and The Market

As a well-known sceptic and prophet of doom and gloom, I must concede that some of the recent developments within the South African political ‘arena’ have been somewhat humorous. However after reading the article by Terry Bell a ‘reality check’ followed. If you are on holiday, then it is suggested that the article should be perused on or after 2 January 2016. Enjoy the holiday! Regards, JS. 🙂

Terry Bell Writes

Outrageous political satire seems to be a South African speciality. Only it is mostly produced by politicians rather than penned by satirists. Comedians such as Pieter-Dirk Uys long ago realised this fact, as did cartoonists such as Zapiro.

But, over the past week, we have had a bumper dose of ridiculous official level behaviour followed by spin that, without any irony or intent, revealed the sheer inanity of the financial and economic system. It also illustrated quite how illusory is our democracy.

All of this will doubtless provide a wealth of material for comics, but will be no laughing matter for most of the population since the effects of last week’s mini economic meltdown will be felt for months. It will come mainly in the form of rising prices, and the major sufferers will be the poorest of the poor and the majority of workers whether in formal or informal…

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